Thanks so much for a successful DREAM MARKET DIGITAL #2 pop up! The pop up ran from October 16-23, 2020. On behalf of all the artists, we are so thankful for all the support and warmth we’ve received ✿

Please allow about 4-7 weeks to receive a shipping notification as we have to gather all the items from the artists and packaging safely to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19. Please refer to the FAQ below for more info!

See you next time!

Best wishes,
Janet + Gabby (Uchuu Summer)

✿✿✿ And thanks to our featured artists: Arielle Jovellanos, Boxerbun, GENIE LIANG, H(OUR) OBJECTS, Lucky Pocket Press, Natalie Andrewson, Olivia Fields, Pastry Plug, PEPPERONCCINI, pixlotl, Punimelt, Ray Masaki, rynoook, Sarlis, Sophie Margolin, STEFF & the PLAYGROUND, & thedaintyheart


After the event is over, will the shop ever open again?

Once it's gone, it's gone! If we decide to run another event, you can stay updated via our Instagram!
You can support each artist all year round by following them on social media, checking out their own shops, etc.

When will my order ship?

Orders will take about 4-7 weeks to ship after the event ends. For health and safety measures, fulfilling orders may take longer than usual since only there's only 2 of us doing everything. We're trying to get everything to everyone by the holidays but there's no guarantee! We'll do our best :)
Shipping within the US may take about an additional 1-3 weeks and international orders may take an additional 4-7 weeks. If you placed more than one order, we’ll do our best to ship them together.

And tag us in your order pix online! #dreammarketpopup

I live in X international country, will my order ship to me from the US due to COVID-19-related restrictions?

The situation is changing all the time, but we're trying to follow the news carefully. As of right now, the US has not suspended international mail as a whole, but shipments will take longer than usual. All international orders will have tracking (except for small sticker orders where the person can opt for a cheaper shipping option with no tracking).

Please double check if your country is accepting mail from the US before ordering! Before orders ship, we'll double check that everything's fine! If not, we'll notify you and refund your order.

A note about international tracking: 
"If a mail item shows on USPS tracking as having left the United States, under normal circumstances, the U.S. Postal Service has no further visibility on that item until a transit country or the destination country provides updated tracking information to its system. In some cases, it is possible to get more updated tracking by using the destination country’s postal service online tracking tools if the item has entered the country."

Please contact us at with any additional questions! Please be patient when waiting for a reply as we're just 2 people running everything!

What is your return/exchange policy?

All sales are final! In some cases, we can discuss partial or full refund options. In order to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19, we want to limit any returned packages!

Please contact us at to chat!

What happens if my order gets damaged or lost?

We will try to replace the order, but it may not be possible! In the event that a replacement is not possible, we can give you a partial or full refund.

Please contact us at to chat!


All other inquiries, please contact: